Denis Šikljan

Member of the Board

Denis Šikljan is the founder and director of the real estate agency Euro Immobilien and Degrad Development Group.

Denis has over 20 years of experience in the real estate business as well as the investor in the construction of luxury real estate. His current projects as a developer are a number of luxury real estate projects as well as Exclusive design apartments in Malinska on the island of Krk, signed by Idis Turato. Over 15 years, he was well connected with the leading international real estate developers and funds. He was involved in the development of one of the largest retail real estate portfolios in the region. His experience and expertise are the backbones of the agency and development business, while his optimism and courage, represent the main impeller and motivator of his co-workers.

He established company Euro Immobilien Group in 2007 and since then colleagues and business partners describe him as extremely competent and versatile person who aspires to the quality and business excellence, performing his tasks with extensive knowledge.

Alenka Urnaut Ropoša, Msc MBA

Member of the Board


Alenka Urnaut Ropoša is founder and director of Renova Real d.o.o., certified real estate valuator with official state authority, Court approved expert in real estate, certified engineer.

Since 2004, she has been a certified real estate valuator with official state authority, a court approved expert in real estate and a certified engineer. She started her career at Kograd IGEM INžENIRING d.o.o. in 1998 as project manager. In 2003, she joined company Toming – consulting d.o.o., the leading developer in Slovenia as Head of Investment Department. She was involved in the development of one of the largest retail real estate portfolios in the region, over 50 units within  Lidl, Tuš, Mercator and Spar chain. She acquired significant experience working with financial institutions, international leaders in the field of real estate, government authorities, as well as numerous local and regional companies connected to the business of real estate development and management.

In 2015 she joined as a Member of the Board in a private company, Euro Immobilien Group primarily focused on managing the development process for any retail, residential or commercial project with the vast experience with complex projects.

Mateja Bogdanić

Member of the Board


Mateja Bogdanić is a master of economy and a licensed broker for real estate mediation. 

After she graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Mateja began her career in the renowned tourism companies, in which she has acquired extensive experience in almost all the business segments, from marketing, sales, organization of business processes, contracting international cooperation up to the strategic management. After several years of working in tourism, she decided to change the direction of her career and started working in the real estate business. Today, after several hundred successfully completed sales of properties on the Croatian coast and islands, and a multitude of realized projects in the luxury real estate segment, she is looking forward and works with enthusiasm in the realization of each new work and project. 

In the Euro Immobilien Group, Mateja Bogdanić is responsible for the design and implementation of complex investment projects, with particular emphasis on the development of tourism projects, feasibility studies, acquisition of land and, in case of implementation of projects for further sale at the market, the implementation of the post-sales plan.